The competitive multiplayer game World of Tanks is getting its first single-player game mode August 22. Wargaming will release War Stories, an episodic gaming experience that will be available for players to take on in both solo and co-operative play.

The single-player campaign will launch with 2 campaigns and 3 chapters. Brothers in Armour features Russian Red Army soldiers battling Germans, and will serve a training mission to get those new to the game comfortable with all of the game’s features. Flashpoint Berlin centres around the Soviet blockade of Berlin and British soldiers trying to get through it.

Two more stories are also in the works, including a fictional invasion of Great Britain and alternate version of the Cuban Missile Crisis. War Stories will see episodic release, with Operation Sealion set for release in September and Kennedy’s War coming in October.

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War Stories will be available in War of Tanks on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on August 22.

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