W.T.F. or War Tech Fighting is the mech fighter/RPG we didn’t know we wanted. Currently it finds itself in Early Access on Steam, but what have so far is more than promising. It is worth noting that this game isn’t perfect, but what it succeeds in far out weighs it’s rough edges.

Human kind has found a new enemy amongst the stars. You assume the role of Captain Nathan Romanis in his fight against the Zartros Empire. Jump in your Mech and take the fight to your enemies in one of three base models, fully customizable of course.

The Early Access version offers hours of content that should be completely explored. While the voice acting is sub-par and some of the animations can be a bit… robotic (pun intended), the majority of this game is on point. From the main hub, you can customise your mech, research and develop new equipment, train in simulations or replay missions, and level up your rig.

Just in the customisation alone there are literally thousands of options. From colour palettes to mixing and matching armour and weapons, its easy to drop an hour into this game before you even set out on a mission. Obviously, the only way to unlock everything is through levelling up, but you can still preview everything on your mech even if you can’t buy it. Something that I strongly agree with. Its a great way to give players a goal to reach, not to mention the higher the level, the more badass the armour.


When you finally explore everything in the hub, the missions offer a variety of different options as well. There are fetch missions that involve collecting resources for your crew mates, rescue ops, smash and grabs, and just straight up combat missions as well. This is the bulk of the game and for the most part it does not disappoint. I highly recommend playing this game with a controller by the way.

Combat is fun as hell. Your base mech starts with a number of stats. It’s important to note though that you can eventually have a mech with whatever stats you ultimately want, as long as you allocate experience and points accordingly. You have a choice from a fast, blitz type mech, a neutral, well-rounded mech, and of course, a tank type mech with high defense but slow movements. Personally, I chose the fastest option and found that it delivered a fun yet challenging experience. The mech gave me the freedom to jump across the map at high speeds but meant that every hit I took hurt a bit more than if I had gone with one of the other two options. This type of load-out forced me to constantly stay on the move while simultaneously try to keep my enemies in the crosshairs.

Each Mech gets a fast and slow gun as well as a shield and sword. I found myself using the machine gun for the most part and saving the heavy artillery for the slower moving and stationary obstacles. If you knock off enough of the enemies health and get close enough you get the option for a finisher. These make the combat immensely satisfying. From running your sword down the middle of the ships to straight up booting your foot through them and blowing them into pieces; the finishers were unique and had enough variety where it was hard to assume which one you’d see next.

Of course, what would a Mech game be without the chance to take on other mechs? Certain missions end with a mech on mech battle and this is where close combat comes in. Holding L1 brings up your shield, while pressing square or triangle gives your light and heavy attacks, respectively. Deciding when to keep your shield up and when to attack depending on your enemies moves is crucial to winning the hand to hand encounters. Executing certain attacks or moves depletes your energy bar as well. After that is gone you take direct damage to your health. Managing this bar could be the deciding factor in a win or loss when things get intense.

W.T.F. is a love letter to games like Zone of Enders and Armored Core. Hopefully they can smooth out the animations and voice acting where its needed, but regardless, War Tech Fighters is a game to keep on your radar.

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