X-Men Blue follows Marvel Girl and her team of time displaced X-Men as they try to prove themselves as heroes in a world ravaged by the war between Mutant, Man and Captain America’s Hydra. For those who didn’t catch the look at X-Blue #8 you can find it here. We left Jimmy and Jean assaulting Emma Frost’s New Tian stronghold in order to rescue Hank, Bobby, Angel, Briar and Scott.

Aaaaaand that’s exactly where we pick things back up. Danger is continuing to fight her (the comic refers to her as a her) way through New Tian’s defenders and hold them at bay while JimmyJean fight their way inside to rescue the team. Polaris being the mutant powerhouse she is brings Havoc to heel pretty effortlessly and sends JimmyJean on their way to save the others.

It’s a quick process but the team get tagged hard by an uber-charged eye-beam from Scott who’s being controlled by Frost. They recover fast and leap into action but Frost appears to have become a jack of all trades and shuts down Hank’s magical powers, causing them to back fire and leave him clutching his head in pain. What possible reprocussions might this have with regards to the “Evil Hank” theory?

Jean gets in Scott’s head to try to release the mental control she has over him. While there she is surrounded by the mental representations of Scott remembered by Frost as she tries to reprogram him into being more like the Scott she remembers. Jean seems to manage to overpower her despite the mystical forces she’s channeling through the “cosmic cube shard” in order to strengthen her powers and release her hold over Scott and Xorn. What this cosmic cube shard is isn’t revealed but the only object I can think of that would fit that description is the Tesseract.

Battling their way out of the fortress the X-Men run into the rest of Starfire’s crew and their secondary mutations. Hank’s curiosity about them appears to be pretty well founded when Miss Sinister and Bastion emerge to talk with Frost and her cohort when the X-Men are safely on their way within Danger’s Blackbird form. The group discuss moving their plans into their second phase when New Tian falls and releasing “Mothervine” globally.

The plot thickens further with Magneto having a conversation with Captain America simmering with hostility. Cap threatens to have Magneto eliminated for breaking their agreement, to which Magneto counters telling him how the X-Men’s attentions could easily be focused upon the “blasphemy” of Hydra’s America.

Overall though X-Blue #9 answers more questions than it poses. We finally get to see Miss Sinister and Bastion’s true intentions, along with Danger, Briar and Polaris who are revealed to be the team’s new tutors. That being said, Hank’s dark magic storyline is progressively getting deeper with Frost’s shutdown and threat along with next issue being titled “Double Double,Toil and Trouble” hints towards some major developments.

Sadly that’s all the noteworthy features of the issue this week!

Seeya next time, True Believers!

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