The Xbox One Dashboard is Changing Again…

Microsoft have announced that another huge update is coming to the Xbox One that’ll once again change the dashboard with more customisation options.

After the big Creator Update which introduced a much more “simpler” Xbox One Dashboard, it looks like things are changing again as a new update to the Xbox One dashboard is already rolling-out to Xbox Insiders right now. So if you’ve only just got used to navigating around the new dashboard, well… get ready for some more learnin’.

The new dashboard looks to be much simpler adding content blocks akin to the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Players will have the ability to customise this Dashboard with their favourite items from Apps to Games to Hubs.

Check it out in a new video from Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb:

This is the third big redesign of the Xbox One Dashboard as Microsoft continues to try and make things simpler for players. However in the process all they seem to do is make things more complex and awkward.

The previous dashboard update put most of the useful content in the sidebar, however navigating the main dashboard was still a total pain in the ass, especially as you were limited as to what you could and couldn’t display there. Not only that, it’s become increasingly frustrating, in my opinion, to navigate the store or even see what game disc you have sitting in the console.


This might be a welcome change, but honestly, I’m going to assume this will all change in a couple of months time, so be prepared.