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Microsoft Announce Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

Xbox One X Project Scorpio?

Microsoft’s Sunday Gamescom livestream was dominated by their upcoming console, the Xbox One X (formerly known as Project Scorpio). As well as confirming which games would run better on the new hardware, Microsoft also announced that a special edition of the console would be available to pre-order – the ‘Project Scorpio’ edition.

The limited edition run of consoles will pay homage to the codename that Microsoft used for the console up until E3 earlier this year when the console’s final name was announced.

The limited run will feature a modified design for both the console and the controller. Both pieces of hardware will have the words ‘Project Scorpio’ emblazoned vertically down them (on the left side of console and directly down the middle of the controller). The packaging and the pattern on the exterior were both inspired by the first Xbox.

Microsoft have also stated that the limited Scorpio Edition will come with an ‘exclusive’ vertical stand to allow owners to stand the system upright if they want to.

Pre-orders for the Scorpio are live with many outlets already completely sold out. It will be available on November 7 alongside the standard version of the new console.

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