The Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual History Hits Bookshelves Today

The Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual History by Caseen Gaines comes out today and seeks to celebrate the classic 1982 fantasy film as thoroughly as possible.

This book features 192 pages of artwork, production notes, script pages, interviews, and set photos from the film that chronicle the earliest inklings of the tale to its final form. This book contains material from Jim Henson’s personal archive, some of which has hardly seen the light of day, as well as all new material in the form of interviews with the film’s creative team.

This book also takes a look at the expanded Dark Crystal universe.

The Dark Crystal, directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, chronicles the adventure of a Gelfling named Jen on a quest to restore balance to his fantastical world. The film was and still is notable for its puppetry and animatronic work; the film does not feature a single human actor.

Its numerous comic, book, videogame, and Netflix spin-offs attest to its continued popularity.

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