Homestar Runner Biopic Trailer Released

A teaser trailer for a fan-made Homestar Runner biopic has been released, and we’re pretty excited.

Ah, Homestar Runner: the flash cartoon site of the early-to-mid 2000s. Featuring a cast of almost-humans such as Homestar himself, Strongbad, Strong Sad, Coach Z, and others such as the Cheat, the Homestar Runner site first came onto the scene in early 2000, and the characters have been hanging around ever since.

Although the site doesn’t update as often, each of its updates are met with excitement and the new cartoons get passed around just as quickly as the old ones did. The familiar characters still get a lot of love, further proven by the inception and creation of Experimental Film: The First Success Story of Internet Video.

The film appears to be a lower-budget fan film about the earliest history of the cartoon, from the very first inklings of Homestar and his circle to… Well, the “to” isn’t really specified, but one would guess that the film would cover at least through the 2002-2005 era, which Mike and Matt Chapman, the creators of Homestar, consider their most successful years with their web creations. In the fashion of humor that defines the web series, the trailer promises a film full of “wacky antics for kids and their families!”

Experimental Film will be premiering at Derpycon 2017, which runs from November 17-19 in Morristown, New Jersey. If you can’t make it to New Jersey for the premiere, don’t worry–Experimental Film will be posted to Youtube at the time of its premiere. You can watch the trailer below.

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