Five Obscure Facts About The Batman Comics

Holy tired joke Batman, when it comes to uncovering fresh facts about Batman it can be a little tough with one of the world’s favourite superheroes getting a lot of attention in the press recently.

If you’re a super duper Batman fan who has more Batman facts than the Dark Knight has Batarangs, you maybe be a little disappointed with this list, though if you’re new to comics or you just fancy using some facts to impress your favourite Bat boy or lady. This article might just be for you.

Here are 5 random and quite obscure facts about the Batman comics just before Batman Day rolls up. Though this Batman Day has been hijacked by one Harley Quinn, I guess Suicide Squad did something good… depending on your point of view.

To quickly sum it up, Bruce Wayne has honed his body and his mind to become the defender of Gotham under the guise of Batman after seeing his parents murdered. He is Batman, a genius martial artist and so much more.

Matches Malone

Batman is not Bruce Wayne’s only alter ego. On occasion, he’ll don the quirky gangster guise of Matches Malone when he needs to get closer to a bad guy. This has backfired a few times when he got amnesia and forgot he was Batman and thought he really was Matches Malone.

Also, when disgraced sidekick, Stephanie Brown try to redeem herself to the Dark Knight she stole a plan involving Matches Malone, a guise Batman had never told her about. Things went wrong and it ignited a vicious gang war.

Adopted Tim Drake (The Third Robin)

After Tim Drakes parents were murdered and done away with, he needed a legal guardian, with the laws in Gotham changing Bruce Wayne had to adopt him.

Unlike his previous two Robins, Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, who were his wards.

He Has a Son (The Fourth Robin)

When Batman did the nasty was Talia Al Ghul (Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter) it spawned a snobby little brat called Damian. All the skills of Batman and all the charm of bratty rich kid.

He even knicked the role of Robin from Tim Drake.

Batman Beyond is his Clone… Sort of

Batman Beyond (or Batman of the Future depending if you live in the UK) was fan favourite extension of the 90s Batman Animated Series. Terry McGinnis became Batman for an older bitter Bruce Wayne after a chance of fate.

Though it later turned out Terry was always destined for greatness when it turned out government black ops boss, Amanda Waller had used the Batman’s DNA and had injected into Terry’s mother, since the world always needed a Batman.

The Joker Was Supposed to be a One-time Villain

Yep, that’s right, the Clown Prince of Crime was supposed to be a one time villain who was done any with by Batman and a bit of help from Robin. This explains why he’s never had a completely verified origin story since he was only supposed to be around for one issue.

Though fate intervened and he became one the Dark Knights most iconic foes.

That’s our list, have you got any odd facts? Why not comment below and let us know!