Top 8 Games With the Best DLC

Whether a game is a stand-alone or part of a series, I think everyone can agree that one of the top things that makes a game successful, is it’s replay-ability. Sometimes all it takes is a great story and fun gameplay, but what makes a game even better is well done DLC content.

Not only does it give us an excuse to replay it a couple more times, but it also adds opportunities for new adventures and different ways to play. So in this list, I wanted to give a shout-out to some of the games with the best DLC Content out there!

The Sims 3

Top 8 Games With the Best DLC - n3rdabl3

The Sims is a massive franchise that has let players make their dream houses and dream lives come true. The series spans generations, but arguably the best addition to it has been Sims 3. Giving players the most realistic graphics and in-depth customisation yet was just the tip of the iceberg. What really made Sims 3 amazing was all of the DLC content that was reminiscent of the ones we got in Sims 2 but even better with unexpected additions.

There was the Seasons Expansion Pack, which not only added things like thunderstorms, Heatwaves, Christmas, Halloween and Snow, but it also offered up a ton of weather-appropriate clothes for your sims to wear and seasonal fairs to attend. Then there was the Pets which added the usual furry friends like cats and dogs but players were also given the chance to buy a horse, train it, ride it and enter it in competitions.

While The Sims always seems to plagued by a few expansions or stuff packs that sorta feel like a miss among fans, The Sims 3 had the most fun content off all, engaging fans to expand their experience time and time again.

Fallout New Vegas

Top 8 Games With the Best DLC - n3rdabl3

Fallout New Vegas offered a very different tone in the game compared to Fallout 3. The earlier game did a great job of really making the player feel like ‘The Lone Wanderer’ seeing as most of society was only beginning to emerge from hiding after the horrifying nuclear destruction of Earth as we knew it.

New Vegas on the other hand, took place quite a bit of time after 3, meaning that radiation levels in the universe had dissipated even more and civilizations were popping up everywhere. From factions fighting for overall power, caravan systems and entertainment being established to struggles over who gets clean water and electricity, Fallout New Vegas did an amazing job of depicting what issues society might face when the smoke and rubble clears after war.

The DLC started getting released afterwards added even more layers to that depiction. For example, in Honest Hearts, one of the DLC, revealed more about the mysteries that shroud a character that was only a legend in the base game. Some of the other DLC add more context to how some of the mutants came to be or what dangers being a courier can be. But Lonesome Road is really the star DLC because it completes your story as the courier, seeing as your past beforehand was always a tad shady.

The Elder Scrolls V

Top 8 Games With the Best DLC - n3rdabl3

Skyrim is already a giant open world universe that includes loads of land to discover, traverse and explore. You’d think that after all of that terrain to check out, there wouldn’t be much else Bethesda could throw at it’s players – well you’d be wrong.

With the additions of DLC’s Dawngaurd, Hearthfire and Dragonborn, Skyrim grew even larger. In Dragonborn, Skyrim invited fans to help travel by boat to Solstheim. Offering an entirely new map completely new quests, characters, cities and in general, feels like an entirely new experience in a game that is already seriously extensive in content.

The Division

Top 8 Games With the Best DLC - n3rdabl3

While the base game in question been a hit or miss among gamers, it’s no question that all the unique expansions Ubisoft has been steadily adding since The Division’s release has made quite the difference.

In a post-apocalyptic game that sometimes started to feel repetitive in it’s missions, new additions to the gorgeous but horrifying depiction of a fallen New York show that Ubisoft has really made an effort to further improve this seriously hyped up game. For example, the first major expansion, Underground, added all-new ground to cover in the underground sewer and subway systems as well as new foes and a new story line to investigate with up to four of your friends.

Even though it’s been a few years since it debuted on the market, Ubisoft still plans on adding further content whether it be weapon and equipment packs or full-on world and mission expansion. What’s not to like about a game that continues growing?

Red Dead Redemption

Top 8 Games With the Best DLC - n3rdabl3

Everyone knows the cowboy redemption story of John Marston but the shocking addition of DLC ‘Undead Nightmare’ took fans by surprise with it’s completely new, original and weirdly cool story.

Secret confessions; when I first watched a friend play Undead Nightmare, having never seen or heard anything about RDR before, I actually though that was the original base game because of how expansive it was. Yeah, I know, probably laughable but that just goes to show how incredible Undead Nightmare is.

Besides racing to find a cure for the suddenly gory horde that has taken over the West, players can also partake in Co-Op missions with friends, gamble and try their hand at horse racing.

The Witcher 3 

Top 8 Games With the Best DLC - n3rdabl3

The Witcher 3, much like the universe of Skyrim, is already an expansive map. However, the highly anticipated DLC Blood and Wine added an entirely new city called Toussaint, for fans to explore that felt like it’s own game in some ways.

Blood and Wine added 30 hours of gameplay centered around the story of a seemingly carefree city that invites the player to let their guard down and take a break from being heroic. However, a knightly ritual leads to the discovery of a terrifying bloody secret that only a Witcher such as yourself can put a stop to.

Final Fantasy 15

Top 8 Games With the Best DLC - n3rdabl3

Final Fantasy offered an all new story, characters and universe that needs saving back in November 2016. Players were hungry to get their hands on this new adventure that felt both nostalgic to fan favorite Final Fantasy games and while also introducing completely new elements like camping and driving.

The story of brotherhood, love and leadership were developed not only through the endearing storline progression, but even by small moments players experience while riding a chocobo along a sprawling plain or while waking up early to cook with Ignis. Taking a look at the store page for Final Fantasy 15 shows that the creators haven’t stopped adding content since it’s release whether it be an all new sword to equip or outfit to wear. Final Fantasy 15 has also added some special events that players can attend like the Chocobo Festival for example.

There are even separate stories steadily being released to shine the spotlight on other members of Noctis’ entourage like Prompto for example. These allow more personal time with already beloved characters. Probably the nicest thing though, is that none of this new content is outrageously pricey. Whether it’s a cool new weapon to swing around or a new wacky experience to watch unfold, Square Enix and Final Fantasy 15 hit the nail on the head with it’s DLC content.

Bloodborne (The Old Hunters)

Top 8 Games With the Best DLC - n3rdabl3

The dark and horror-filled story of city Yharnam is a spiritual sequel to the Souls series. The DLC titled ‘The Old Hunters’ offered up an all new challenging area that added further lore and also introduced players to an all new setting.

Arguably the toughest bosses you’ll encounter in Bloodborne are found in the expansion (is the an incentive or a reason to run? I’m not sure). And of course, you’ll get new equipment that isn’t just pretty but really fun to get your hands on and use to your hearts content.

Rainbow Six Seige

Top 8 Games With the Best DLC - n3rdabl3

Once again, Ubisoft has done a pretty awesome job of supporting an already released game, offering new content to entertain it’s fans. With 6 separate DLC to choose from, there’s a hell of a lot of replayability in these games as well as reasons to just keep playing.

Many of these DLC center around new maps, operations and equipment to play with. The best part? Pretty much all of it is free, and ‘payable’ with a currency players add through story progression. If that’s not a good and fair deal, I don’t know what is!

What are your top picks for games with the best DLC and Add Ons? Are we missing something on the list? Let us know in the comments down below!