All-Star Fruit Racing brings a bright vibrant racing experience to Steam Early Access, and makes the perfect title for those looking for a fun, friendly arcade racing experience.

All-Star Fruit Racing harks to the arcade gems from Nintendo and Sega, with a vibrant, fruity twist. Dodging coconut bowling balls or avoiding hungry dinosaurs, racing on the moon or Machu Picchu, All-Star Fruit Racing will have you racing against your fruity competitors in some beautifully colourful environments, in equally beautifully coloured cars.

Featuring full championship game modes, career, time attack, and single races, All-Star Fruit Racing has a lot of content right off the bat. the game supports 4 player co-op on one pc, and will have multiplayer arriving in the near future, allowing up to 8 players to race together. The racing itself is intuitive and easy to grasp, yet has a surprising yet welcome skill level, with use of the drift boost being a vital skill that takes some practise to get down. The game features your classic power-ups from arcade racers with, you’ve guessed it, a fruity twist.

Each Kart is fitted with a ‘Juicer’, a liquidiser positioned on the back of the kart that contains four separate tanks, which are filled by collecting fruit on the track. Once you have filled a tank you can unleash a power up, if you have two or more tanks full then you can choose to use a combo power up, which differs depending upon which tanks you have full. When all four tanks are full and you can throw a “Mega-Juice” power up, with each pilot having its own unique “Mega-Juice” power up, making pilot selection vital to the way you play.

The game comes with a rather expansive customisation system, similar to that of other racers, allowing you to chose your kart’s body, wheels, tires, colours and more, with over 26,000 possible combinations to be unlocked. All-Star Fruit Racing features a roster of 22 characters to unlock, of which 11 are available from the start of early access, 2 of which will be unlocked through game progression, with the remaining pilots are set for release in the near future.

The game will feature 5 islands composed of 21 tracks that will be polished over the games launch with the help of the community. 4 islands, with 4 tracks each are available at the start of early access, 2 islands can be raced immediately and 2 are unlocked with game progression. The 5th island, which will be composed of 5 tracks, is still under development and will be released upon completion. The game features 5 gameplay modes, Juicer and Random Juicer will be available now through early access. Dragster, Elimination and Elimination Mix will be added during early access as soon as they are ready for release. These modes can be played over 5 game modes, Custom Race, Career, Fast Championship, Custom Championship and Time Attack.

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On first impressions All-Star Fruit Racing is a fantastic experience for anyone wanting a new, refreshing arcade racer, with a unique power-up system and a good skill gap, the game provides a nice fun challenge in an environment that is welcoming to players of any age. The game is perfect for anyone with a steam machine or streaming pc connected to a TV they can sit around with their friends and play, bringing a great competitive experience to anyone’s living room. All-Star Fruit Racing would make for a brilliant independent release on console, especially if it was to make its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

All-Star Fruit Racing is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access.

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