The queen of the NXT has finally ascended up to the main roster. After almost 2 years of ruling the ring down in WWE’s developmental experiment, she’s coming to RAW.

523 days of being the Woman’s Champion down in the NXT she makes her way up to WWE’s flagship programme, RAW. Asuka has developed a strong following after she became the fifth woman to hold the belt after defeating Bayley.

As she comes up to RAW, Asuka will join fellow NXT Alumni including, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Emma and of course, Bayley. Of course, Coming Soon could refer to a date way into the future and by then, I may have stopped having nightmares from this intimidating promo.

Some like to say the gloves are coming off, but I have a feeling the mask is about to come off of Asuka… Just imagine if the Asuka masks outsold the classic Austin 3:16 t-shirts?

Can she extend her reign to RAW and finally take down Alexa Bliss and succeed where Sahsa Banks and Bayley have failed, and what will Nia Jax think? Will we see a rematch with Mickie James?

Will Monday nights ever be the same in the WWE Universe? I guess we’ll have to find out!

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