The DC Universe is kind of in limbo at the moment, they seem to take one step forward and two steps back, they do something right and then they just can’t stick the landing.

2017 as a whole is a good example of this, we’ve had Wonder Woman, a record-breaking superhero movie and the first win for the DC Extended Cinematic Universe. On the tail-end of this, DC is struggling to know what to do next. The Flash movie has been scrapped and has been turned into a movie that will adapt Flashpoint, a tale of The Flash altering the timeline and racing to fix it before it’s too late.

On the Batman front, the solo movie is like a piece of rubbish in a high wind and is blowing all over the place and not knowing where it’s supposed to go, and don’t even get me started on the complex confusion of what DC plans to do with The Joker and Harley Quin.

Although I think it’ll take a superhero to figure out the tangled web of confusion for this franchise, I think I can do a solo adventure and at least solve the issue with The Batman:

Why don’t they just make it a kung fu or a martial arts-driven movie?

Fighting hand to hand is a key part of what Batman does, so it kind of makes sense. I mean, Captain America is inspired by the pulpy adventures of the 40s and Tim Burton’s Batman was inspired by themes outside the superhero genre. So why don’t they hire some decent fight choreographers (maybe the guys who did the Matrix?) and some renowned martial artist actors like Donnie Yen, those guys from The Raid, or maybe former MMA fighters like GSP, and get filming?

Take inspiration from some of the iconic Kung Fu movies that helped inspire Kill Bill. Some of the tropes of the Martial Arts genre are similar to Batman and the superhero genre; The hero has a close friend or family mentor murdered and seeks revenge, pit Batman against a villain who he can go toe to toe for some beautiful fight scenes.

Maybe KGBeast for example? Someone from the League of Assassins, or maybe the Anit-Batman, The Wraith?

I think it’ll work, but that’s just me. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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