Batman – The Telltale Series Episode One “Free In Perpetuity” on iOS

Fancy taking on some twisting, turning storylines and plenty of virtual moral dilemmas on the go? As Batman? For free?

Great! It seems like Telltale Games may have you covered, because they’ve just announced that the first episode of 2016’s Batman – The Telltale Series will be available for free on iOS devices “in perpetuity” from today.

This announcement comes alongside the launch of a comprehensive performance update that aims to ensure that the game runs well across a wider range of iOS-based devices.

The first episode of Batman – The Telltale Series sees Bruce Wayne confronted with the realization that his father wasn’t quite the kind-hearted philanthropist most thought he was, forcing him to question his identity and seek the truth about his family’s lurid past.

In true Telltale fashion, the decisions players make throughout the first season will have an impact in the ongoing second season titled Batman – The Enemy Within.

Batman – The Telltale Series is available now on iOS devices through iTunes. The first episode is now free to download, while the “multi-pack” containing the four other episodes is priced at £14.99.