VooFoo Studios has announced that explosive battle cars have arrived in their top-down racer, Mantis Burn Racing.

While already a solid racer, Mantis Burn Racing is set to become even more challenging as players can get behind the wheel of battle cars rigged with weapons capable of destroying their opponents. This new DLC is available for the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

The Battle Cars pack introduces a number of new mechanics to the game. The first is of course the addition of a brand new class of car which is clad in armour and loaded with some bad-ass weaponry. From machine guns to mine launchers, there’s plenty at your disposal to eradicate the enemy.

There’s also three new game modes for players to test their mettle, including King of the Track, Survival, and Accumulator Rumble.

“BATTLE CARS delivers what our fans want and love. More action, more drama and more fun ways to play the game” said Mark Williams, VooFoo Studio’s Technology Director. “Since we launched the game this has been one of our most passionately requested features, so we’re delighted to today deliver an action-packed DLC pack which adds even more levels of excitement to the game.”

The launch trailer for the Battle Cars DLC can be seen below:

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