Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines has tried to set the record straight on Bethesda’s Creation Club, when talking to YouTuber Tek Syndicate in a recent video.

Creation Club consists of new content that is internally created, or creating in conjunction with external developers. The release however brought memories of Bethesda’s premium mods controversy from 2015, however Hines addressed this this with the following:

“You have to understand that one of the reasons that this is not paid mods is that when they’re working for us it’s a job,” Hines stated during the interview. “They’re not getting paid only if the stuff sells, they’re getting paid like an external contractor all along the way.”

Of course no one is obligated to purchase any of the content on Creation Club, but its rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, those who have no intention of using CC still have the system downloaded, and this is to be addressed in an upcoming update. These mods come across much more like additional DLC than actual mod content. Referring to the complaints, Hines states:

“There was all the same concern…. when we said we were doing mods on, And what was the big outcry? ‘Oh, they’re trying to shut down Nexus and everything else.’ Did that actually happen? Are you having trouble finding mods on Nexus? Is there a shortage of those? No. People can continue to do whatever the hell they want … It’s modding, play with what you want, create what you want, go nuts.”

It seems Bethesda’s stance is very much in the ‘like it or lump it’ space. The comparisons to seem a little bit of a stretch for me, one is a collective of mods for games run by the developer, which makes a lot of sense, yet does not alienate any other means. The other is a completely different way of bringing in content in a way that no other area can, and gaining financially. I’d much rather Bethesda address this as what it is: Additional DLC content, which is optional, which we have produced through the love of the game to give people opportunities to showcase their talents and make a living from it. That I can get behind.

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