Cartoon Network has this weekend introduced a new Powerpuff Girl to the family in the form of Bliss who’ll be making her debut in the upcoming five-part movie event, The Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four.

For the longest time we’ve had Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup kicking ass, now we’ve got a fourth, the purple-wielding long-lost older sibling, Bliss. Bliss made her debut this weekend in the first part of the four-part series. Her origin began way before the Powerpuff Girls, when Professor Utonium used the same formula of sugar, spice, and everything nice. However she was thought to have been lost forever after an explosion, and hasn’t been seen ever since, hence why no one has ever mentioned her before.

Also, speaking of continuity. The reason the Powerpuff Girls became the Powerpuff Girls was because of an accident with Chemical X… Did this happen before with Bliss and The Professor just forgot? I mean, it wouldn’t be surprising, but come on Cartoon Network.

Interestingly, she’s a super-powered teenager who’s only now coming to terms with her super powers such as flight, super-strength, and telekenesis.


The introduction of Bliss is a pretty big deal for a number of reasons. The first being the fact that she’s the first official addition to the Powerpuff Girl troupe (not including Bunny R.I.P), the second of course is that she’ll be adding diversity to a the children’s TV show that’s been predominantly white.

Bliss will be voiced by South African singer Toya Delazy along with a number of other actresses across the globe as the five-part movie rolls out across the world.


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