Bluehole has further clarified their worries over Epic Games’ upcoming Battle Royale mode in Fortnite, and it makes a lot of sense.

Last week PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) developer Bluehole, made the controversial comment that they’re “contemplating further action” against Epic Games for their Battle Royale mode in Fortnite due to the obvious similarities behind the two. This caused many people to wonder whether it’s actually possible to be protective over a genre, and many calling Bluehole a little unreasonable for their comments.

However there seems to be a much deeper reason why the company is so worried about the mode, and that’s due to Unreal Engine, the engine which both PUBG and Fortnite are built on, and the engine that Epic Games owns.

It turns out, Bluehole isn’t going after other developers for making their own Battle Royale game, rather they’re worried that Epic Games might make enhancements to the game engine to further improve the 100 player battle royale experience, and keep these improvements for themselves.

“So the first thing that I’d like to clarify is that this is not about the battle royale game mode itself,” said Bluehole VP and executive producer Changhan Kim in an interview with PC Gamer. “There were other BR game modes earlier this year that were released, like last man standing or GTA 5’s battle royale game mode, and we never raised an issue, and I think it’s great that there’s more competition and everyone should be able to create their own battle royale game mode, and it’s not about the idea itself, it’s about Epic Games, and that wasn’t really clear [in the press release].”

He later added:

“We’re going to get some technical support [from Epic], and we’re going to work with them to make sure Unreal Engine better supports battle royale gameplay which requires 100 people in one session, and now we’re starting to have concerns that they’re going to develop new features or improve something in the engine to support that battle royale gameplay, and then use it for their own game mode.”

So while Bluehole doesn’t necessarily find other games with a battle royale format that much of a problem, the issue lies with Epic Games and their potential to further improve gameplay to improve their game over others, which is a big deal, especially considering Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode launches today (September 26) on both PC and consoles, way ahead of PUBG’s proposed launch on Xbox One.

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