The Call of Duty Endowment scheme is coming to the UK. The charity set up by the Call of Duty creators set it’s goal on getting veterans steady, decent paying, long term jobs for when they leave the service.

It’s been a huge success in the US, with over 37,000 vets having found good work via the organisation. This is something that has surpassed the charity’s initial goal of 25,000.

It’s with that success that the Endowment scheme has set it’s sights on the veterans of the United Kingdom; they want 50,000 veterans to have stable jobs by 2019.

To fund this, Activision are allowing players to donate to the charity, and in return they will get an animated calling card and three rare supply drops for use within Black Ops 3. I’d imagine this will be updated to WW2 once that gets it’s full release.

It’s a super cause, and something that I’m sure any avid player of a war game can get behind. For more information check the Call of Duty Endowment website.

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