If you’re fond of 2D platformers and enjoy chasing flying saucers and decimating prehistoric wildlife with primitive technology then Caveman Warriors might be for you.

This indie game crawled from the unholy grasp of Kickstarter earlier this year after reaching its $10,000 goal. I personally can’t recall the last time a game managed to make its goal on Kickstarter, so it earns some applause.

The game was developed by Jandusoft and has players take control of four cavemen, well two cavemen and two cavewomen, who have had their children taken by a spacecraft. The game allows for 4-player co-op and the ability to swap between characters on the fly. Each has their own abilities that help in level traversal and combat. Which means players can’t just bash their way through enemies without thinking. The bosses also look amazing and I’m sure there are many we haven’t seen yet.

Many are calling it a spiritual successor to the arcade game Joe and Mac which also featured cavemen and the ability to beat dinosaurs over the head. Of course, the fact that two of the characters names are Jack and Moe might be a sure sign of what influenced the game, that and blue and green hair.

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Caveman Warriors is a nostalgia fuelled side-scroller that is available next week on September 22. Also, the water spouts look tricky, be careful.

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