Chucklefish got the gaming world pretty freaking excited when the company teased a single photo and a tweet saying they’re working on an all-new game. After more silence following that and fans waiting eagerly in anticipation, we finally have more details!

During an interview with PC Gamer, some members of the Chucklefish dev team answered some questions about what fans can expect in their new magic themed game. While they’ve said the game has no release date or official title yet, the team did dish on their inspiration behind the game.

Some of those inspirations include the works of Studio Ghibli and it’s film Kiki’s Delivery Service and Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series.

The dev team hopes to take the idea of potion/magic crafting and of course the laid-back vibes of farming that players have come to love and melding it all into one game. Taking inspirations from all of their own experiences in school and pulling from their imaginations of what a magic school might be, you can definitely expect a game that is something that’s an all-new experience but will make us fall in love with it in very much the same endearing way Stardew did.

Concluding with the tease that the game may or may not be titled ‘Spellbound’, those are all the details on this new and exciting game coming our way – hopefully – soon!

Stay tuned for more news on Chucklefish’s latest project!

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