If you weren’t excited by Disney/Pixar’s Coco already then you should be!

The film studio recently released a new trailer for the animated film entitled “Find Your Voice,” which highlights the main character, Miguel’s journey to find his great great grandfather in the land of the dead.

While earlier trailers showed Miguel’s passion for music, the comedy of a dog chasing skeletons, and the theme of Dios de Los Muertos; this trailer does that and so much more.

Keen listeners will note that the film’s title is the same as Miguel’s great grandmother, Coco. Initially, it was speculated that the title referred to a Spanish word meaning pumpkin headed ghost or more colloquially as a human head. However, with this new revelation it seems that the film’s name will have a double meaning. Coco, is after all the daughter of Ernesto de la Cruz, who left his family and didn’t come back.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Miguel’s journey led to the two-character’s re-connection. Or maybe I’m reading into a movie trailer too much. There is also the mention of a family curse, what’s that about?

Other prominent features of the trailer include Miguel’s guide through the land of the dead, Hector, the shock that Miguel needs to leave by morning or be stuck in the underworld forever, and a vibrant coloured jaguar with wings, to add suspense of course. Also, Miguel’s grandmother showing how much she hates music.

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Regardless, of my elaborate speculations Coco looks like a stunning piece of animation that melds humor, heart, and music into one spectacular package. Coco hits theaters on November 23.

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