Daddy’s Home 2 Gets a New Trailer

Paramount Pictures are back with a brand new trailer and poster for Daddy’s Home 2, the sequel to the 2015 comedy… Daddy’s Home.

One of our favourite comedic duos, Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg are back with another Daddy’s Home, however this time Ferrell isn’t trying to impress Whalberg, as it looks like it’s Christmas time and the fathers are coming over for the holidays.

I mean, I wasn’t sure how you could drag a sequel out of the first movie, presumably it would have been Ferrell and Whalberg against John Cena, who made an appearance at the end of the last movie, only to then be shown up by someone even bigger, if that’s at all possible…

Anyway, fortunately that isn’t the case as Paramount has brought in two big hitters, John Lithgow and Mel Gibson to portray the “Daddy” in this particular movie. And as far as Christmas comedies go, this honestly doesn’t look all that bad.

Check out Daddy’s Home 2 in the trailer below: