This week’s update saw the return of the three factions, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy and Future War Cult. With the faction rally event now underway its up to us to hear out their cries for help and determine which side we fight for!

Once you hit Level 20 you can travel to the Tower and meet up with the leaders of each faction. After being formally introduced you must align yourself with the faction you feel most connected to. *cough* Dead Orbit for the win *cough* Joining your faction will grant you access to their respective weapons and gear, BUT in order to earn this equipment you must first earn their tokens, like everything else in this game.

Through the gathering of resources and the destruction of enemy supplies via the completion of public events, crucible, and partaking in the Raid, we Guardians can earn tokens that will be put towards the cause. These tokens boost your rep with them and in return get you legendary engrams specific to that faction. However, that isn’t your only goal.

Each faction has a specific weapon they hold dear. According to a post on Bungie’s blog, the faction with the most resources after 2 a.m. PST on October 3 will win the rally. Through the completion of Faction activities players can increase their Faction’s place in the rally. After October 3 the winning Faction will then sell it’s weapon to it’s devoted members for the low price of 1,000 Glimmer. While everyone else can purchase their factions weapon for the steep price of 50,000 glimmer. Obviously, you don’t want to be on the losing end of this rally.

So, by now I’m sure you’re asking “Ok, well what weapons do the factions offer??” Well, I’m glad you asked! Below you will find each faction’s respective weapons and their descriptions.

Future War Cult’s “Heart of Time” (Pulse Rifle)

Lakshmi-2 feels that in order to ensure the future of the human race, one must be prepared for war. In this way, our future and every future (because, ya know, string theory?) is secure. To ensure that every faction member is prepared, the Heart of Time pulse rifle will be their gifted weapon, should their faction come out on top. This Pulse Rifle comes with increased ammo reserves and has a faster reload coming off of an emptied clip. The secondary trait delivers an elemental explosion on precision kills, making it a solid choice for clearing out waves of enemies.

New Monarchy’s “InterregnumXVI” (Sidearm) 

Executor (not the Pokemon) Hideo and his New Monarchy followers believe that Earth is humanity’s true home, and that through unity, we can return our home to the former glory it once held. If New Monarchy is victorious, the chance to purchase the Interregnum XVI will be yours (assuming you sided with New Monarchy of course). This fully automatic sidearm has a huge ammo reserve and also has an increased reload speed coming off of a full clip. This handy hand gun comes with some minor tweaks that potentially boost it’s range and it’s secondary ability make aiming down the sights faster. While this sidearm is mainly good for close combat, the different tweaks make it decent at a farther range.

And finally…

Dead Orbit’s “Haunted Earth” (Scout Rifle)

Earth is DOOMED… according to Arach Jalaal from the Dead Orbit faction that is. They strongly believe that if humanity is to survive, our salvation is among the stars, not here on Earth. If Dead Orbit wins the rally, devotees will have the chance to purchase the “Haunted Earth” Scout Rifle. This gun’s biggest trait is it’s high impact frame, which make it a slow firing, but heavy hitting weapon. It also gets more accurate if the user is aiming down the sights while standing still. It is also much faster to reload if you’re crouched. This weapon and faction is a great choice for players who like to control the field from range and prefer to not move too much.

While none of these weapons are ground breaking, they offer unique perks for different player’s play-styles. So which Faction will you choose Guardian? You have until 2a.m. PST on October 3 to decide and earn said faction as many points as you can. Bungie will determine a winner that day at 10 a.m. PST, however, so far no clear indication has been given as to which faction is currently in the lead.

Which faction are you looking forward to? What weapon tickles your pickle the most? Do you think our fearless leader (Aaron) should dye his hair periwinkle?? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, for all your Destiny news stick with us here at n3rdabl3, we’ve got you covered!

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