Bungie has revealed the Power range needed for Destiny 2‘s first raid, dubbed Leviathan, which is set to go live later this week.

While many of you have reached the current level cap of 20, there’s still plenty more to do to ensure that you’re all set for upcoming events in Destiny 2. The first long-awaited event is Leviathan, the game’s first Raid which is set to take place on Wednesday, September 13, and now we know just how much power you’ll need to have a chance of succeeding.

According to Destiny 2’s director, Luke Smith, you’ll need “a Power range of 260-280,” which isn’t the worst, though may take some additional grinding just to make sure you’re well prepared for the Raid.

Bungie also revealed today that Destiny 2 is to go down for maintenance for four hours beginning later today at 3PM UK time. This is likely to prepare for the upcoming Raid as well as to tweak certain aspects of the game ahead of its first weekly reset.

In other news, we finalised our Destiny 2 review, which you can read right here.

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