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Destiny 2 – Get That Light Level Up Guardian!

Destiny 2 has been out for a couple weeks now and everyone is getting to the point of the “hard grind”. Most of us have hit level 20 and are probably hovering around that 265 Light Level. So the question is; “What do I do now?” “How do I get past that infuriating soft cap of 265?!”

Have no fear Guardians, this n3rd is here to help! *Insert Winky face emoji here*

Destiny 2 makes it relatively easy for players to level up, to an extent. The issue arises later in your travels when you begin to creep over the 260 Light level. For whatever reason Bungie decided that this is where they would put are hard stop to players reaching for that 305 cap. While you will notice a blatant plateau in progression that doesn’t mean you’re stuck. For players that are unaware of the best practices for surpassing this mark, these few tips should clear the air.

Powerful Engrams Are Your Friend!

The easiest and fastest way to noticeably increase your Light level is through obtaining Powerful, or Luminous Engrams. These are generally given as rewards for completing weekly challenges like Call to Arms, Nightfall Strikes, the Raid, etc. When you open your worlds map, and hold L2/LT a tab appears on the left showing the milestones you have available to you and the rewards given for completing them. Look for the ones that grant these Powerful/Luminous Engrams and complete them as fast as you possibly can. These scale with your overall power potential.

What Destiny 2 does is calculate, using the armor and weapons you have available to you, your overall power. This might not necessarily be a sum of what you have equipped but more so what the highest light level you can achieve is with the items you have in your inventory. Going off of this, the game then scales these Luminous Engrams X number of points higher, guaranteeing whatever you receive from them will have a higher light level than what you currently have. So say you have 4 milestones that will reward you with Luminous Engrams, thats 4 items of either weapons or armor you’ll get that will increase your Light.

Save Your Tokens

While collecting Luminous Engrams is the easiest way to go, there are only so many Milestones a week that give away these highly sought after items. Throughout your time with Destiny 2 you will earn tokens from every world you visit through a variety of ways. Whether its completing Public Events, Adventures, or looting Lost Sectors, tokens will be a reward one way or another. Collecting 20 of these will increase your reputation with that worlds NPC. The most important thing I can stress here is DO NOT SPEND THEM AS SOON AS YOU EARN THEM! While the urge might be overwhelming to turn in your tokens to get legendary engrams, the harder, but more rewarding route is to wait until you reach 265. After reaching this Light Level, any Legendary Engram you get from the NPC’s will scale with your Light Level. While it isn’t nearly as high as Luminous Engrams, it is still worth the wait. Every Legendary Engram you receive after earning a level of reputation will increase your overall potential power, ensuring the next engram will be higher, even if its just by a point.

Xur is (Also) Your Friend

This one is a given. Unlike the first game, Destiny 2 has made it much easier to obtain Xur’s Exotic gear every week. Through Legendary shards, you can get one exotic weapon and one piece of exotic gear from our tentacle-faced friend. Legendary shards can be earned by dismantling legendary items, makes sense. The best part is you only need about 23-30 shards for a piece of gear! By the time you hit 265, legendary items in your inventory will be common place. These items scale, to an extent, with your Light Level as well, and equipping an exotic weapon and an exotic piece of gear will shoot your Light up by quite a few points.

Legendary Mods

Once you get past 280 things get even more difficult. However, our favorite weapons dealer has us covered. Once you hit 280 Light, he will let you purchase legendary mods for your weapons and gear. While this, for some reason, doesn’t increase your overall potential, equipping these mods to your gear WILL increase your Light. These are crucial for working your way past 280.

Grind Heroic Public Events

While Public Events are fun, Heroic Public Events will not only earn you crazy amounts of XP, but they will also reward players with much better loot. This is the best way to gain exotic and legendary engram drops.

Fireteam Tokens

Fireteam tokens are legendary tokens you can use to boost the drop rate of legendary and exotic loot. However, using them alone is not wise. The best way to utilize this item is by activating them while in the company of your Fireteam. BUT, your Fireteam should use this item at the same time. Having three Guardians all with the Fireteam Token active increases your chances of better drops, almost ensuring you get at least one exotic engram. The best part is they stay active for 4 hours, so thats more than enough time to grind out some heroic public events and earn great rewards.

The Raid

Finally, when you hit the 280 mark the best way to earn great loot is by participating in the Raid. While completing the Raid grants players a Luminous Engram, going through the Raid itself has the chance to reward players with awesome drops!

While these might not be the only ways to grow your Light, they’re the most guaranteed to work. Do you have other ways of growing your Light Level? Is there something we missed? Do you feel the need to profess your love for one of your fellow n3rds on our team? Let us know in the comments below! And for all of your Destiny 2 tips and news, keep checking back with us at n3rdabl3, we’ve got you covered!

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