Japanese magazine, V-Jump, has revealed handful of new characters coming to Bandai Namco and Arc System Works upcoming fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ, including one completely unique to the game.

So who else will we be able to pummel into the ground when the game launches next year? Well Of the three new characters we’ve got two we’re pretty familiar with: Yamcha and Tien Shinhan. The former will come with “surprise attacks” including Wolf Fang Fist. The latter however, will be a little more versatile using a number of techniques during battle including Tri-Beam and Dodon Ray.

As for the third character, Android 21, this character is brand new to the entire franchise and unique to the game. Android 21 is a “central figure” in the game’s story mode. She’s a scientist, according to V-Jump who revealed this information, whose intelligence is on par with Dr. Gero. Her appearance also has something to do with the revival of Android 16.

It likely won’t be too long until Bandai Namco throw out some official information for these three characters as well as some screenshots and trailers. In the mean time you can check out what we thought of the game in our recent hands-on with Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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