Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Announced for PS4

At the Tokyo Game Show this year, D3 Publisher announced Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, a brand new entry into the EDF series with a more serious tone.

Despite still talking about Earth Defense Force 5, D3 Publisher clearly couldn’t keep this one under wraps and announced Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. This new entry into the series is set to have a more serious tone than its previous over-the-top and lighthearted predecessors.

Though you are still going to be battling giant insects.

D3 calls Iron Rain “new territory” for the franchise, and from the trailer which you can see below, will offer a more toned down game. The good news is that it’ll still feature the same array of giant bugs, alien invaders, mechs, and much more.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is set to launch on PS4 sometime in 2018.

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