The latest trailer for Middle Earth: Shadow of War has been released. It is a continuation of their series of trailers for the different bands of Uruks seen in the game; this time focusing on the “Feral Tribe”.

From what we can see in the trailer, the feral tribe is going to encompass the Uruks ability to ride and control the savage monsters of Mordor. To those who have played the expansion to first game, this will be a familiar mechanic as it introduced Uruk captains who could ride Caragors and Graugs. It seems that Shadow of War  will expand this further with the addition of more creatures, including the fearsome flying monster seen in the trailer.

The “Feral Tribe” is not the only tribe of Uruks in the game, as the other trailers have shown. The “Dark Tribe” consist of stealth focused Uruks who can use traps to hunt their prey; The “Marauder Tribe” who loot their dead enemies and seem to be the best armoured Uruks in the game; the “Machine Tribe” who used siege weapons and other deadly contraptions to kill; finally, the “Terror Tribe” who seem to be torn straight from a death metal album cover.

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With all these new types of Uruk, along with promises of an overhaul of the Nemesis system, it seems that Monolith Productions are aiming to take all that was great from the first game and expand on it in the second. Hopefully, they will also learn from their mistakes and include better story boss battles and a more satisfying conclusion.

Along with this trailer, Monolith also released two short live action videos in what looks to be a new marketing campaign. Watch the first of these fairly amusing teaser trailers below.

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Middle Earth: Shadow of War is scheduled to release on the 10 October this year.

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