This weekend Malaysia took a fairly shocking stance to ban Steam entirely over their disapproval of a game which has Jesus and Buddah fighting each other…

Earlier this week PQube announced Fight of the Gods, a brand new god-based fighting game that launched into Early Access on Steam, which many thought was a bit of a joke, other than Malaysia, that is, who told Valve to remove the game from being sold in the Malaysian Steam Store or it’d have to take further action.

Because Valve unfortunately doesn’t have a switch for every individual game, it took Valve a little while to add that restriction during which Malaysia decided to ban the country’s access to Steam entirely. This caused publisher PQube on behalf of developer Digital Crafter, to release a statement:

“Fight of Gods is a video game that takes a humorous approach to religion in the same way that other entertainment formats have – across television, film, books and theatre.

“The game is not promoting any religious agenda and is not designed to offend. The description of the game on the digital platforms through which it is distributed provide clear guidance on the nature of the game and its content so that people can freely choose whether or not to play it. We fully respect the choice of those who would not wish to play it.

“We are disappointed that such freedom of choice is not given to everyone and in particular that the game has been forcibly removed from sale in Malaysia, although no direct communication has been received by us as to the reasons for this. Nevertheless we respect any rules and censorship imposed in any given territory.”

Since then it looks like Valve managed to find the switch and have removed the game from the Malaysian Steam Store, that is according to Venture Beat:

“From reports we are reading, this is due to a single game that conflicts with local laws,” said Valve communications boss Doug Lombardi. “We have contacted the developer, removed the game, and are attempting to make contact with the officials in Malaysia to remove the block. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

So there you have it, despite Fight of the Gods being a bit of a joke, there are some people taking it a little too literally. On a more positive note, despite the game’s subject matter, it turns out that it’s actually a pretty great fighting game.

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