Final Fantasy 9 Coming to PS4 Today

At the TGS today Sony revealed that Final Fantasy IX is making its way onto the PS4.

Originally released on the PlayStation back in 2000, it was re-released on PSP, Vita and PS3 over the years as well as Steam in 2016. The Steam and PS4 versions feature higher resolution graphics in-game and for the pre-rendered cutscenes.

On top of that, there are several “booster” abilities. The player can speed the game up, turn off enemy encounters and immediately learn all abilities instead of grinding for them. These are implemented to eliminate the grind for players that want to explore the fantastical world and story without getting bogged down, however anyone wanting the original gameplay experience can still have it as the “boosters” are completely optional.

Final Fantasy IX is available for download now on the PS4 Store at the price of £16.99 or £13.59 for PS+ subscribers. It also comes with a new theme for your Playstation featuring the colourful cast of characters. This is a launch deal and the price will go up after September 26 so act fast!

Final Fantasy 9 Coming to PS4 Today - n3rdabl3

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