A Japanese Twitch page recently leaked gameplay footage from Koei Tecmo’s upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch. Fans waiting for the games release are hereby warned: the following information contains spoilers in regards to previously unannounced characters.

Twitch user hamachin demoed nearly four hours of the new Dynasty Warriors-Fire Emblem crossover, subsequently revealing two unexpected, yet familiar faces. The theatrical Owain from Fire Emblem Awakening and the libertine Niles from Fire Emblem Fates were quickly recognized by livestream viewers.

Owain is encountered through a full-blown cutscene that mimics his first appearance in Awakening, hinting at potential playability. Niles, however, appears in a less dramatic fashion, yet still has a fully rendered 3D model. Whether or not these new characters are truly playable is yet to be determined, but their appearance has sparked new hope in players who crave more variety in Warriors’ roster. 

As of now, the official Fire Emblem Warriors website has twenty-one playable characters listed. The roster is heavily populated by characters from the franchise’s 3DS titles, leaving the fan community split on how they feel over Koei Tecmo’s chosen cast. With no confirmation on the set number of base game or DLC characters, as well as the inclusion of representatives from Famicom and Game Boy Advanced titles, Warriors has been a bit of an enigma in terms of what players can expect on launch day.

Eagle-eyed fans recently spotted Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon’s Navarre in a European trailer, further adding to the ongoing speculation of which characters will be represented in the full game. Last weeks Tokyo Game Show added further fuel to the fire when Koei Tecmo developers revealed plans for DLC, hinting at even more representatives from Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon.

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The slow trickle of content for Fire Emblem Warriors has been tortuous for some fans. With just under a month until launch, it looks like the dam is ready to break.

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