New Characters, Game Modes Revealed for Fire Emblem Warriors

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have added another character, Sakura, to Fire Emblem Warriors roster, as well as revealing a number of new game modes for the game.

Sakura, the youngest Hoshido sibling from Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright will appear alongside the rest of her family in the upcoming Fire Emblem/Dynasty Warriors mashup. In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, Intelligent Systems unveiled the newest unit added to Fire Emblem Warriors, as well as a few general details about the upcoming hack n’ slash title.

With Sakura’s announcement – shortly after that of her Conquest counterpart, Elise – This brings every major Lord unit from Fire Emblem Fates into Warriors, a move expected by fans after the much earlier announcements of Sakura and Elise’s sibling co-stars.

Both Sakura and Elise are classed as healing units from their respective games, but a video released by Intelligent Systems last week showed Elise’s capabilities as a mounted attack unit. It can be assumed her Hoshido counterpart will play a similar role, albeit on foot.

Developers also revealed a  “History Mode”, where famous scenes from throughout the series are reproduced in Warriors’ updated graphics. As of now, it’s safe to assume scenes from Awakening, Birthright, and Conquest will be rehashed in HD, but scenes from 1990’s 8-bit title Shadow Dragon and the Sword of Light might be the real draw of this new mode. Intelligent Systems also mentioned they finalized development of Warriors’ character leveling and Class Change system, which appear to be a inspired by Fire Emblem’s classic RPG elements. Exactly how a character changes classes has yet to be fully revealed.

Sakura’s announcement rounds out Warrior’s roster with characters from Fire Emblem’s most recent titles. Developers have hinted at future character announcements; fan speculation points toward additional characters from Awakening and Shadow Dragon. Fire Emblem’s massive cast of characters throughout it’s 27 year long history lends itself well to the Warrior’s format, but with every anticipated character revealed already, fans are surely in for more surprises in regards to the roster… and, without a doubt, future DLC characters.

Fire Emblem Warriors is out October 20 in Europe and North America.