Iron Fist

What do you need to know about the Kung Fu butt kicker of the Marvel Universe? That he has a fondness for flashing his chest? The fact that Ray Park was going to play in a live media adaptation before the Netflix evolution?

Yeah, the reception of Iron Fist in live action hasn’t been great and I don’t think many people are holding their breath for season 2. So, in case you missed the train ride, Danny Rand lost his parents in a mountain expedition where he discovered a lost ancient city where he learnt Kung Fu and embraced the power of Iron Fist – a power that increases his strength and has other applications.

I have a feeling more people are going to get Danny Rand mixed up with Tony Stark as both of them have the word “Iron” in their superhero names and at the same time, they are millionaires whose parents tragically died.

Though, without further ado. Here are 5 things to know about the Iron Fist comics to wow people during Season 2 of Iron Fist as they remark about how much they don’t like it.

Iron Fist is a Legacy Identity

The guise of Iron Fist has existed for centuries and has been assumed by many different kinds of warriors over the years. Before Rand, it was Orson Randell, a grizzled Amercian soldier from World War One.

He Died and Came Back to Life

It’s almost a cliche really when you talk about superheroes. I mean any worth their salt has died at least once. Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Captain America… The list goes on.

Iron Fist did die during the 90s when he popularity dipped, but a writer brought him back as part of the Heroes for Hire comic.

Iron Fist Joined The Avengers

At this point, who hasn’t joined The Avengers? Iron Fist joined with his best mate Luke Cage during the New Avengers era. Though I doubt this will happen with the Netflix Universe and the MCU.

He Has a Daughter

Yep, it’s one of Marvels first digital-exclusive series as we follow Danny Rand as he deals with crime fighting and child care.

He Impersonated Daredevil

During the Civil War, Matt Murdock went AWOL and Danny Rand borrowed his costume. He even went to prison for Matt when he was captured by Iron Man’s Pro-Registration forces. So Matt does owe him a favour.

Have we missed any? Why not don’t you let us know in the comments below!

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