Forza 7 Gets its Launch Trailer, Demo Released

With Forza 7 fast approaching, Turn 10 have treated us to a new exciting launch trailer, and a nice hands on demo of the game.

Bang me up the wall this trailer has be excited. Featuring some gorgeous cinematics, showcasing some of the most anticipated cars coming in the title, as well as the returning Maple Valley Raceway, which has long-time fans of the game wetting themselves in excitement. The trailer also showcases some of the new body kits available in the game, including a Camaro with arches wider than my future.

The trailer gives a glimpse of  the games career mode, structure, as well as the new driver customisation, which fans can get hands on with in the demo. The demo is available now, for free, but at a whopping 17.66GB download, you might be waiting a little while for the privilege.

Forza Motorsport 7 is set for release on Xbox one and Windows PC October 3.

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