Gearbox have announced that they will no longer be supporting the rather ill-fated Battleborn come this August.

The developers will be shifting their focus to an unannounced project (probably definitely Borderlands 3, right?) instead of trying to resuscitate their hero-based shooter.

The numbers for Battleborn didn’t start the way they would have wanted, with the small flourish upon release being extinguished once that other rather large hero/class FPS released. Casting my mind back to May 2016, it’s amazing that I was even considering a Battleborn purchase over Overwatch (which came out days later). Hindsight is absolutely 20/20 here; I don’t think any of us could have imagined the absolute juggernaut of loot crates and cutesy videos that OW would become.

The Battleborn community, while small, have been dogged in their advocacy for for the game. A free to play trial was seemingly the last hurrah earlier this year, but it seems like the player base is just too small for Gearbox to warrant their continuing support.

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