Ghost Recon Wildlands’ upcoming PvP mode, Ghost War, is set to launch into Open Beta next week allowing all Wildlands players to dive into the action ahead of its full launch.

Ghost War is an upcoming mode where groups of players take part in a huge four versus four team deathmatch mode across the vast landscape of Ghost Recon Wildlands. In Ghost War strategy is equally important as skill. Whilst you may be able to see some success running and gunning, taking time to scout your surroundings and form a strategy may pay off more in the long-run.

Teams will choose from a number of different classes across three categories: Assault, Marksman, and Support. Each of these roles will play an important part in the success of your team, especially if careful planning is involved.

The Open Beta is set to pre-load on September 19 ahead of its September 21 start. The beta will run for four days until September 26. The beta will contain six of the twelve classes, as well as five of the eight unique maps.

You can check out the game’s Open Beta trailer below, as well as another trailer highlighting the game’s classes.

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