Following a short beta test, Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon Wildlands upcoming Ghost War PvP mode will be launching on October 10.

Ghost War is a new PvP mode where squads of four players compete against other squads in a huge open-world battle for supremacy. Using a handful of pre-configured class types, this game mode focuses on strategy and tactics rather than fast-paced running and gunning.

This 4v4 deathmatch experience will be the ultimate test of teamwork as players are thrown into the vast open world and are challenged with not only finding, but eliminating the enemy team.

Ghost War will come as a free update for owners of Ghost Recon Wildlands.

“We are excited to be continue to refine and expand Ghost War after its launch” said Lucian Istrate, Lead Game Designer on Ghost War at Ubisoft Bucharest. “Expect more classes, more maps, and even new modes to be added in the future!”

Check out the latest trailer for Ghost War below:

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