More Rockstar Titles for Nintendo Switch are in Development According to Source

Here’s an incredibly weak rumour for you on this dreary Friday evening. There’s a potential that GTA 5 could be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Though don’t get your hopes up.

This reported rumour comes from NeoGAF user Vern who correctly predicted that L.A. Noire would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, is now sort-of, but not quite, hinting that Grand Theft Auto V would be getting the same treatment.

Initially, in response to people complaining that Rockstar decided to choose L.A. Noire over GTA 6, Vern simply replied “Patience.” however they later clarified their post in a much longer update which stated that this was completely baseless, though they have heard from a “solid as f*** source” at Rockstar who claims that more games are in development for the Switch.

They wouldn’t confirm what it was exactly, but was told “it shouldn’t be a surprise what it is”. Vern then clarifies that the GTA 5 claim is based solely on an “educated” guess and not information received from their Rockstar source.

In another post, Vern once again clarified that the GTA 5 hint was an “ill-thought out post”, however they did add that Rockstar seem to be treating the Switch in a similar way as Bethesda, but then went onto say “while I would say more Rockstar games are 100 percent currently in the works, it by no means indicates what will happen in the future.”

Like I said, it’s an incredibly weak rumour, but the good news is that Rockstar may have other games in development for the Switch. It could be GTA 5, it could be Bully, it could even be Midnight Club (lol).

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