Guild Wars 2 has received its second expansion from developer ArenaNet, entitled Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. The expansion takes players to the Crystal Desert, on a quest to confront the malevolent Balthazar.

Building from Season Three of Guild Wars 2’s episodic “Living World” content, Path of Fire will have players venturing through the Crystal Desert. A major area from the first game, Path of Fire gives long-term players a chance to see the effect 250 years has had on the region, as they search for the returning Balthazar, a malevolent God set on hunting and killing the elder dragon Kralkatorrik, with unprecedented effects to be felt across the world if he was to succeed.

The expansion features five enormous new open-world zones to explore, and for the first time brings about the addition of mounts. While prevalent in pretty much every other MMO to date, mounts are only just making their way into Guild Wars 2, with ArenaNet putting its own spin on this familiar element of the genre. Each mount will have its own special abilities, enabling it to help players traverse and explore the world, with players being able to level up these abilities as their mastery of each mount type improves.

Path of Fire will also bring 9 new elite specialisations into the game, one for each of the game’s professions, offering players new weapon types and ways to play the game.

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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is available now on PC.

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