Halo 5 has Some Big Weapon Changes Coming

Despite it now being nearly 2 years since the game was released, 343 have been meticulously working on a new update for Halo 5, which is set to include some pretty hefty weapon overhauls.

343 have set 2 main aims, to revitalise and re-balance the Halo 5 sandbox to a more desirable state, as well as establish and strengthen unique roles for each weapon and reduce role redundancy.

343 highlighted these changes in a recent blog post, in which they state they have been utilising the best part of 2 years worth of community feedback about the game, and following an extensive period of internal playtesting they are ready to release these changes to the public to further expand their feedback.

In reference to the community feedback of these changes 343 has stated:

“with a game and community as varied and nuanced as Halo 5, it’s just not going to be possible to make everyone totally happy all of the time. Some folks may not like certain changes, while others may think some of these changes are great”

343 are certainly covering their bases early with this one it seems. The weapon changes will effect 11 weapons and one power-up, and these changes will be rolled out in 4 phases. Starting the week of September 4, the initial update will roll out, but no in-game weapons will be changed. This is to bring the weapons in as a precursor, to allow players to get a baseline as to what the weapons currently are. Phase 2, starting the week of September 11, will replace the Team Arena playlist with a ‘Weapon Tuning Test ‘ playlist, this will be the time for players to hop into the game and see the changes for themselves, and provide feedback.

Phase 3 starts on October 3, and will re-introduce the Team Arena playlist, marking the end of the public testing. Phase 4 will land in early November, and will include a large update adding in 4K support for the Xbox One X, as well as these new changes and a few accompanying fixes.

It is great to see a studio still supporting a game so late into its lifespan, especially when it comes to balance. Hopefully these changes will address some of the gripes players have with the game and make it an overall more enjoyable and competitive experience.