The backwards compatible release of all those lovely Halo games (CE Anniversary, 3, ODST and 4) should have been due for release some time this year, but after an update to Halo Waypoint it seems like this might not be the case.

It’s strange that a game without an actual release date would be considered to be delayed, but it seems like the “back-compat” team working hard on these games have a conscience and wanted to let the community know what was up. The update read:

“The Xbox back-compat team is hard at work on final polish and we continue to work closely with them and evaluate all four games for launch. We’re taking extra time to ensure the experience lives up to fan expectations but I hear we’re making great progress and release should be getting closer.”

Whilst “getting closer” doesn’t really give us an actual time frame, it’s nice to see a developer keeping their rabid fanbase up to date.

Make sure you keep it n3 for all your Halo news, with more info on the backwards compatible releases when we get it.

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