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Hellboy First Look and Release Date

Here he is.

The veil has been lifted and we finally have our first look at David Harbour’s Hellboy. On top of that we have been graced with a release date, January 11, 2019.

What is nice about this “reboot” is they aren’t following the trope of making a new origin story. Having originally been intended to follow the first two Hellboy films, this new one looks to change things up a bit. While it has been confirmed that it will not be restricted by it’s predecessors, it will also not waste it’s time telling us what we already know. On top of that, this film is aiming for a hard R rating and will have a strong horror element to it.

This darker, more “mature” tone envisioned by the film’s director, Neil Marshall, could be just the right move the Hellboy Universe needs to put it back on the map. With comic adaptation successes like Deadpool and Logan, an R-rated Hellboy film just feels like a smart move. It will allow the film to include more of what the comics involved, not to mention Marshall’s desire to include as much practical effects as possible. With Milla Jovovich’s Blood Queen being the primary antagonist I expect this film to showcase gallons of bloody goodness a comic adaptation like Hellboy deserves.

Speaking of giving credit where its due, check out David Harbour’s Hellboy!!

LOOK at that sexy piece of man meat. This image delivers on the more mature tone promised by Marshall and Mignola. Not to mention, Harbour has clearly been hitting the gym in preparation for this role, because holy shit the dude got jacked. How much of this is prosthetics and how much is truly him is yet to be determined but regardless, this look is stunning.

The new gritty feel strikes all the right notes and is hopefully the first of many promising things we’ll be seeing on this new film along the road to it’s release. The giant rock hand has also received a more streamlined feel. Another thing worth noting is the scars we can see on Hellboy’s body. This look conveys more than just “this dude is a badass.” It shows that this new Hellboy has seen some battles and could be assumed that he is a seasoned fighter.

What are your feelings on this new look? Are you as excited as I am for this new Hellboy?! Let us know in the comments below and for everything Hellboy, keep checking back with us at n3rdabl3. We’ve got you covered!

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