Agent 47 is at it again in Square Enix Montreal’s latest update to the hit mobile game Hitman: Sniper, but he seems to have a few new tricks up his sleeve.

All of 47’s new equipment is thanks to Just Cause’s main protagonist Rico Rodriguez, who in the update trailer says, “you’ve got to put some fire power into it.” Based on what’s been added I can see what what he’s getting at.

The update adds a new rifle called “the final argument,” which has a perk that makes everything explode, as well as two new abilities that are Just Cause 3 themed.

The first is a “rocket mine” that when shot at a target stick to them and send them flying, I’m sure there are a ton of brilliant things players can do with that gadget. The second ability is an “explosive tether” which allows everyone’s favorite agent to shoot a target and then another point, the enemy is then dragged to the second point and explodes on contact. I wonder if two targets can be tethered together? A question for the ages for certain.

The gadgets aren’t the only thing that are Just Cause themed as the setting for the update takes place in the fictional dictatorship of Medici, which was featured in Just Cause 3.

It’s not entirely clear why this crossover was made as the aforementioned game was released back in 2015 and while popular, it has certainly gone through its life cycle. Maybe it’s just a brand awareness move by Square Enix or just a fun game play decision by developers.

Regardless of what marketing strategy is happening here the new update looks like fun for fans of both franchises, though Agent 47 is going to be causing a lot more explosions than usual.

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Hitman: Sniper is available on the App Store and Google Play, the Just Cause 3 update is active and free for players who share a video on Everyplay, reach Rank 3 and invite a friend to play.

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