A Kickstarter campaign for Indie Pogo has just launched. The game is set up as a Super Smash Bros. style game for indies. Developer Lowe Bros. Studios has collaborated with over 50 indie game developers to make sure their game is full of well-known, interesting characters. In Indie Pogo you’ll be able to fight as character from Shovel Knight, Bit Trip Runner, Freedom Planet and more!

Each character, whether they appear as playable or just cameos in the background will have an associated trophy to find with some artwork and a short history about them.

Despite its similarities to the Smash Bros series, Indie Pogo mixes things up with a few new features of its own. For one thing all the characters automatically jump around while you’re fighting so the action never stops. Secondly it’s more like a traditional 2D fighter in the sense that everyone has a health bar and a character is defeated once its health reaches zero, or unless they’re knocked off the stage.

Reward for finding a character’s trophy.

The stages are more than just pretty backgrounds to look at while you pummel each other. Not all stages are open, some are closed it, meaning you can’t knock people off and have you’ll have to get up close and personal with your enemies. Moreover, some stages have hazards like rising lava in the Runbow stage or changing terrain like in Blockworld’s stage. It involves blocks falling from the sky in a Tetris like fashion and you have to climb up the tower of blocks while trying to kill everyone else.

Indie Pogo still has 28 days to go on Kickstarter. If you want to donate and get in on those sweet backer rewards as well as voting on potential new characters visit the Kickstarter page here.

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