Sky, Spiritual Successor to Journey Announced

Thatgamecompany, after releasing Journey 5 years ago have kept very quiet about their newest adventure, that is until now. At yesterday’s Apple keynote speech creative director, Jenova Chen took to the stage to announce their new game, Sky.

Following on from their big hit, Sky is to be a spiritual successor to Journey. In Journey, the whole point was to play with other people but without knowing who they are or being able to interact directly with them. In an interview with Geoff Keighley, creative director Jenova Chen said he got massive amounts of feedback from fans of Journey, telling him how they wanted to play the game with their friends and family.

Chen took that to heart and has made friendship and family a key part of Sky. Claiming himself to be “an evangelist of gaming” he has made the game accessible to anybody. The game can be played with only one finger to allow everybody the chance to experience the beautiful airborne world of Sky with up to 8 other players at a time.

In Sky you play as the Children of Light and must bring that light to where it is needed the most. In his interview about the game he said he was inspired by “the feeling of we are all connected” and a “lot of the mechanics of the game involve giving.” Speaking about it on stage he showed and example of a puzzle in which “compassion and generosity are key”.

Sky will be launching exclusively on iPad, iPhone and Apple TV this winter.