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Warner Bros have announced that five more expansion packs will be added to LEGO Dimension’s ever-growing lineup.

Cartoon Network fans, rejoice: two of the sets are from The Powerpuff Girls and two are from Teen Titans Go! Beetlejuice, the star of the 1988 film of the same name, will also be added to the lineup, joining the ranks of other eighties movie mainstays like the Ghostbusters, ET, and the Gremlins, who have already been available in Dimensions for some time.

The two separate Teen Titans Go! Packs are the Team Pack and the Fun Pack.  The Team Pack features Beast Boy and Raven, plus a T-Car which can be built into the T-Plane and a forklift, and Raven’s spell book, which is just as versatile. Its Fun Pack comes with Starfire and a buildable Titan Robot, which can also be built as a T-Rocket or Robot Retriever. Both of these sets will allow a user to watch an animated short that will explain how the Titans ended up in the LEGO Dimensions universe in the first place. The minifigures of the Titans themselves will also allow the player to access the Teen Titans Go! Adventure World.

The Powerpuff Girls also have a Team and a Fun Pack. The Team pack features Bubbles and Blossom, arriving with the PPG Smartphone, which can also become the PPG Hotline or the Powerpuff Mag-Net, and Bubbles’ Octi toy, who can also be remade to form the Super Skunk or Sonic Squid. The Fun Pack features Buttercup and the Mega Blast Bot, which can be rebuilt as the Ka-Pow Cannon and the Slammin’ Guitar. The minifigures of the super sisters will allow the player to access The Powerpuff Girls Adventure World.

Beetlejuice comes in his own Fun Pack with the head of a Saturn Sandworm, Beetlejuice’s preferred mode of transportation, judging from the trailer. The Sandworm can also become a Haunted Vacuum or a Spooky Spider. The Beetlejuice minifigure will unlock his own battle arena and adventure world, which seems to include the model town in the Deetz’s attic and the waiting room for the afterlife from his film.

All five expansion packs will be released on September 15. You can watch the trailer for the new packs below.

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