LEGO and Disney have this week unveiled the biggest and probably most expensive LEGO set, The Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon.

The largest LEGO set used to be the LEGO Taj Mahal which came in at a whopping  5922 Pieces, however seeing as it’s Force Friday, LEGO has released a brand new version of the Millennium Falcon which has an impressive 7,541 pieces. This Collector Series set will launch on October 1 and will cost a pretty £649.99.

The kit is so big, when avid builders purchase and collect the set, it even comes on a little cardboard trolley which can be wheeled out of the store. Lovely.

As you might expect, this particular model is much bigger than the recently updated Millennium Falcon (Item 75105) and will come with some pretty fantastic detailing, as well as a much larger cockpit, better interior, as well as Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C-3PO, Rey, Finn, Older Han Solo, BB-8 droid, 2 buildable Porgs and a buildable Mynock.

Inside, Star Wars fans can expect to find a bigger seating area in the main hold, Dejarik holographic game, combat remote training helmet, engineering station with turning minifigure seat and a doorway build with passageway decoration. There’s also a rear compartment which features the engine room with hyperdrive and console, two doorways, hidden floor compartment, 2 escape pod hatces, and much more.

Honestly, I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but this kit is impressive, I can’t imagine how long it’d take to put together or how devastated you’d be if you accidentally dropped it.

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