Someone delving into the firmware on the Switch has found that deep down it contains an NES emulator along with a game called GOLF.

The files are meant to be inaccessible and it’s not currently known why they’re there. Possibly it’s a leftover from when Nintendo was coding and testing things on the console. The more interesting implication is that it could give a hint about how Nintendo plans to manage its Virtual Console games on the Switch.

The easiest way to get a classic game running on modern hardware is with an emulator. Previously on the Wii and Wii U when you downloaded a classic game from the eShop it would download an emulator along with the ROM each time. This may have been done to ensure accurate emulation, as sometimes emulator settings have to be tweaked to make sure a game runs on it properly. However, since the Switch appears to have at least one emulator built into it, perhaps Nintendo is instead planning to have the emulator on the console so the player will only have to download the ROM when they buy a game rather than both.

Most intriguing though, is the fact that this version of GOLF has motion control support, as seen in this screenshot.

Could this mean Nintendo is planning more than just plain emulation? Will we see our favourite classics brought to life with motion controls and maybe other enhancements too? For now we can only speculate as we wait for more information to come out.

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