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Nintendo has announced that it’s bringing back the previously discontinued NES Classic Edition with plans to ship the unit in 2018.

Despite the release of the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition looming closer, Nintendo has decided to bring its predecessor back for one more limited run. The NES Classic will return to store shelves next Summer.

The news first broke this morning when Nintendo Japan Tweeted that the Famicom Mini would be making a comeback, this was then confirmed by Nintendo of America and Nintendo UK that the NES Mini would be making a return.

In addition, Nintendo also revealed that they plan to ramp up production of the SNES Mini and will continue to ship the console through to 2018. “Fans have shown their unbridled enthusiasm for these Classic Edition systems, so Nintendo is working to put many more of them on store shelves,” Nintendo said in a release.

The NES Mini, or the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System as it’s known here in the UK, launched last year and included 30 classic 8-bit games for around £60. Stock was incredibly limited however causing the console to sell out within minutes only for Nintendo to end production ahead of the announcement of the Mini SNES, a.k.a. the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Here’s hoping that the consoles live on for a lot longer than before.


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