It doesn’t make a lot of senses really does it? You know your enemy is a highly trained vigilante yet you decided to waste him with less trained folks? Yeah, that’ll work.

So with this new Punisher trailer, we see the Frank Castle has a very tragic origin story told in brutal fashion. If you think about it, Punisher is basically a vicious Captain America who doesn’t need the supersoldier formula. He’s basically Bruce Wayne but without the flashy and distracting gimmick.

The Punisher gets the bad guy and they don’t come back.

The Netflix series, which will spin out of Daredevil, will follow The Punisher as he gets even with his former employer and finds something that he didn’t expect. Like most Marvel projects, this will probably tie in with the main story of the Netlflix Marvel shows.

So it’s quite likely some familiar faces will turn up along the way. Though I doubt we’ll be seeing Spider-man or Captain America turning up for a two-parter episode.

More likely, some background characters from the other shows, or even Daredevil himself.

Watch out, The Punisher is coming for revenge later this year and it’s not going to be pretty at all.

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